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More Than 100 Attend Greensboro Rally For Israel And The Hostages

A newly formed group, North Carolinians Against Antisemitism, seeks to combat hatred with unity.

There has been an unprecedented rise in hate crimes against Jews in North Carolina since the terror attacks in Israel. Bias crimes against the Jewish community have increased by 78% this year.

On Sunday, the new coalition North Carolinians Against Antisemitism gathered in Greensboro with a message for Israel:

"We support the grieving families of those murdered in the Hamas massacre and we'll keep the families of these hostages in our prayers," said organizer Sloan Rachmuth.

150 people participated in the rally in front of the Friendly Center mall.

Local pastor Ken Harper was one of several local leaders who spoke during the “Bring Them Home” rally.

"We are here today in solidarity against Hamas' evil and wickedness and Iran's terrorist regime, said Harper. "We are here today to pray for the peace of innocent children on both sides."

Event photos:

Here are a few examples of acts of antisemitism since October 7th:

  • Just days after 1400 were massacred in Israel, Islamic groups at UNC-Chapel Hill advertised a campus celebration for Hamas with a graphic that depicted the glider like the ones terrorists flew to the music festival where hundreds of teens and young adults were murdered. During the campus protest, angry Islamists screamed "We are Hamas," and "F-ck your mother," at Jewish students and Christian groups supporting Israel.

  • October 11th: In Asheville, a man was charged with making threats against synagogue members and staff.

  • Five academic departments at UNC Asheville sponsored a conference shortly after the synagogue threat called "Until We're All Free: State Violence from Cop City to Palestine," attempting to create hatred for Jews by blaming Israel for American police actions. (Thanks to U.S. Rep. Chuck Edwards, the event was canceled )

  • October 17th: A man threatened to harm congregants at a synagogue: "I am going to take every one of you out in a way," Jeffrey Scott Hobgood allegedly said in an email to the Jewish organization, according to court documents. "You will beg for your life ... you semite pieces of **** - will be annihilated."



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