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Pen & Shield is a nonprofit newsroom focused on investigative journalism and defending the legal rights of those on the frontlines defending freedom.

Led by Sloan Rachmuth, Pen & Shield's work is uncompromisingly pro-America, pro-free speech, and pro-human rights.  

Death to America Raleigh Rally.jpg

September 22, 2020

The Ford Foundation concentrates its U.S. efforts on challenging the undergirding of America’s founding institutions.   Meanwhile, in Beijing, the Ford Foundation is helping the Chinese government make money and enhance its reputation at home and abroad.


North Carolina Governor is playing Politics With Covid Shutdown and Makes Mayhem.

June 18, 2020

Hundreds of thousands of people out of work in the Tarheel State are being crushed while the governor plays chicken with the GOP. Cooper continues to imperil millions of others who feel increasingly uneasy about their own futures. The only one who has confidence in North Carolina is the man who caused it all.


July 9, 2020

School systems across the country are adopting BLM curriculum at at alarming rate, indoctrinating our children to achieve Marxist objectives.

Activist educators are allowing the most radically divisive movement in modern American history to warp children’s worldviews.

Police Cars

July 8, 2020

Ford Motors sells 65% of all police cars in America,  For the first time since 1976, a member of the Ford Motors dynasty sits on the Board of the Ford Foundation - the top funder for the 'Defund the Police' movement.

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